motor de arranque suave


The so-called soft start of a motor essentially means that the motor starts slowly at a lower current, which has less impact on the power grid, reduces the load margin of the transformer and control circuit, and improves the service life of the equipment. When a general AC motor is directly started, the starting current is 6-10 times the trial running current, but after using soft start technology, the starting current is reduced to 1-3 times.

The soft start of the motor mainly adopts the following methods:

1. Reduce the power supply voltage to start, usually using 40% voltage to start, and then slowly increase it until the power frequency voltage is reached.

2. Reduce the power frequency to start, usually adjusting from 1-50HZ power frequency range.

3. Limiting current start, also known as current limiting start, is a better mode for high load starting.

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